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10 Items You Didn't Know We Carried

We’re always creating new and exciting leather products every day, but our catalog is already home to many amazing items for the home, office, and outdoors. Read about some well-loved items, beyond our classic journals and notebooks, that you may have overlooked in our collection.


1. Basin Leather Catch-All - A beautiful leather catch-all tray designed for holding your everyday carry items. It keeps your keys, wallet, phone, coins, and other small items right where you left them the night before.

leather catchall


2. Quiver Leather Pen Case - Carry and protect your favorite pen in our rustic hand-sewn leather pen case. Durable wrap around leather fastens and while the stud closure protects your top writing instrument.

leather pen sleeve case


3. Small Stowaway Pouch - The perfect leather pouch for your coins, cash, small pencils, lip balm, and other needed items. This pouch fits right in your hand or your larger bag of everyday essentials. Need more space? We have this same design in two bigger sizes. 

leather pouch small


4. Prestige Leather Playing Card Case - Take a step back to a time when card games rather than smartphones helped pass the time. Our hand sewn form-fitted leather case features a snap closure to keep your deck from scratches. The case comes with a deck of premium cards by renowned card manufacturer theory11.

leather playing card case


5. Leather Wall Pocket - the ideal solution for storing magazines, newspapers, large envelopes and other papers, the wall pockets look great in the home or any workspace. We’ve built these with rough-cut American cowhide and hand sewn them with strong Irish waxed linen before using strong brass rivets to secure the entire thing.

leather wall pocket


6. Leather Lanyard - Get the look and authentic feel of our leather each time you reach for your keys with our leather lanyard. An antiqued brass clip and snap make this yet another item crafted to last for many years.

leather lanyard


7. Ember Leather Lighter Sleeve - Hold your lighter in our hand-stitched leather lighter sleeve. Handle it and watch it continue to look better over the years. Makes for a good gift for any outdoor adventurer.

leather lighter sleeve


8. Coasters - Save any desk or tabletop from a frosty mug or moist water bottle with any of our drink coasters. Choose from a variety of styles like our Ultra Leather, and Hand Sewn Leather Coasters among others. See it bundled in a Gift Set.

leather coasters


9. Epoch Leather Apple Watchband - Add that touch of Rustico leather to your new Apple Watch. Handmade by our artisans with raw top-grain leather and carefully sewn with clean waxed linen thread.  Choose from any of our leather colors for an attractive looking watch.

apple leather watchband


10. Leather Book of Flies - This is a must have for every fly fisherman's cargo. This small, wool, leather accessory makes a great gift for anyone who spends a good amount of time on the river.

leather fly fishing book flies



All the above items are adored by fans and consistently receive glowing reviews. Shop our wide range of growing collections and new products.

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