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Rustico in Action : Alicia Farber

An important element in crafting the right notebook comes from the artisan’s touch during the handmade process. We’re always delighted to hear from fans that appreciate this authentic way we craft our products. We regularly hear from customers that are satisfied with their purchase. We heard from Alica and wanted to share what she loves about her Wasatch Notebook.


“I discovered Rustico through Google. I wanted a nice leather bound journal and they had amazing reviews. Once I saw the product for myself I was hooked. :)

I bought this for my nephew as a going away gift because he enlisted in the Army. He had also just graduated from high school, so it was the perfect gift I think.

I don't know what it looks like today but I'm hoping it looks a little worn due to him using it. He had a bit of a rough time in training and I just hope it's making his journey a little bit brighter in some way. When he returns or next time I write to him I'll see if he can snap me a picture.

We very much enjoy your product. I also ordered a wallet for my now husband. It was a wedding day gift that I gave him. It is really nice also!”

- Alicia



We appreciate Alicia providing us with more insight into how she found Rustico and how her notebook is put to use. A simple buckle closure and ability to refill it throughout the years, make this a notebook that will follow you on every adventure. 

Use any of the authentic items from our collections to create the perfect timeless gifts this season.

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