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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve ever gotten stumped on a question you wish you knew, you’re not alone. It's happened to many others and will happen again. That’s why we prepared this list of the top commonly asked questions you're most likely to hear from your customers.  

We believe these answers will help you get better equipped, so next time you get put on the spot you'll know exactly what to say to close that sale. Take a look below for our compiled list.

What is Rustico?

We're a team of Creators, Craftsman and Artisans handcrafting high-quality leather products and more rustic gear here in our shop. Together, we skillfully craft timeless products from raw materials built to inspire you to step outside, explore, live intentionally and leave your mark.

What do we stand for?

We believe in the Artisan touch. Craftsmanship is one of our founding values and one we've proudly built our brand on. Our team takes their time carefully piecing together your Rustico item so it can be a piece in your life you look towards for inspiration, find success and one day become a family heirloom. 

Our motto is Leave Your Mark. We invite you to leave your mark on the world and the people around you. We know a single person can make a large positive impact and we want our products to help fuel your passions. By staying true to yourself and living intentionally, we know you can accomplish this. 

How long has Rustico been around?

1998. If you're unfamiliar with Our Story, be sure to check it out - it's a good one! 

What kind of leather do they use?


Where are your products made?

Right here in our shop in Orem, Utah :) 

Where is the leather sourced?

Here in the USA

Why does the leather look that way?

That's our signature look! Rather than creating perfectly polished leathers, ours has been designed with a rustic and raw look, made that way on purpose so you can leave your mark as you use it. That's the best thing about working with our leather, it only gets more attractive with time and use. Be patient. Its ruggedness and character will grow with you.  

What's the distinction between the colors?

We offer most of our products in 8 different leather color tones: Saddle, Dark Brown, Black, Charcoal, Buckskin, Ocean, Burgandy and Stone. We carefully selected these colors from years of experience. We have found this selection offers a balanced mix of tones that appeal to a wide range of consumer tastes and preferences. 

What type of paper do you offer?

#70 text, felt finish, FSC certified, acid-free/archival, min. 30% post-consumer content. We’ll interpret: We love our paper, and we think you will too. Our most popular paper is a tribute to the old-world - cotton rag cream color pages. Built thick to reduce bleed through when using fountain pens, markers, and more. 


Do you have a question not on the list? We want to help you out, shoot us an email, start up a live chat, or give us a call.

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