If you’ve ever gotten stumped on a question you wish you knew, you’re not alone. It's happened to many others and will happen again. That’s why we prepared this list of the top commonly asked questions you're most likely to hear from your customers.  

We believe these answers will help you get better equipped, so next time you get put on the spot you'll know exactly what to say to close that sale. Take a look below for our compiled list.

What is Rustico?
We're a team of Creators, Craftsmen and Artisans handcrafting products from only the best materials. Together, we skillfully craft timeless products from raw materials built to inspire you to step outside, explore, and create.

What does Rustico stand for?
At Rustico, we approach each job with the same resolve. Every stitch, every cut, has meaning because it sets us apart as the hard workers we are. We are the custodians of dreams & creativity. Using only the most durable and quality materials so your ideas are protected. It’s not about just getting the job done, it’s about doing it right. We make sure the best people are making our products so that the hands that use them are never failed. Take our word for it. We stand by what we make and we’re here for any issue or questions you might have.

How long has Rustico been around?
1998. If you're unfamiliar with Our Story, be sure to check it out - it's a good one! 

Tell me more about the leather you use.
We use top-grain leather that is sourced in the USA and is a byproduct of the meat industry, making it sustainableWe have six leather colors; Saddle, Buckskin, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Natural, and Black. Our most popular colors are Saddle, Dark Brown and Buckskin because their tanning is more traditional.

Why do you use the leather you do?
Our signature look is minimal, undecorated and left raw, on purpose. Rather than creating perfectly polished leathers that generate a lot of waste and pollution, ours has been left natural. It's made that way on purpose so you can leave your mark as you use it. That's the best thing about working with our leather, it only gets more attractive with time and use. Be patient. Its ruggedness and character will grow with you.  

Where are your products made?
Most of our products are made right here in Lindon, Utah. We make things where it makes sense and where we can make sure the quality is perfect. For that reason some of our bags are made by our team in Leon, Mexico and some of our binding is done in Arizona. 

What type of paper do you offer?
#70 text, felt finish, FSC certified, acid-free/archival, min. 30% post-consumer content. We’ll interpret: We love our paper, and we think you will too. Our most popular paper is a tribute to the old-world - cotton rag cream color pages. Built thick to reduce bleed through when using fountain pens, markers, and more.

What are your top sellers?
We made it easy, see our top sellers here!

Do you have a blog?
We have another blog you might be interested in as a Rustico Wholesaler; our retail blog. You can subscribe by signing up for our newsletter or browsing here.  

Can I add artwork/logos to my order?
Yes, check out our pricing and other services here

How do I apply to become a Wholesaler? Do you do zip code protection?
Apply on this page. Yes, we do zip code protection.


Do you have a question not on the list? We want to help you out, shoot us an email, start up a live chat, or give us a call.

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Hi Carlos! We have a few options you can discuss with our wholesale rep. Reach out at wholesale@rustico.com. Happy holidays!


Hello my name is carlos I just wanted to ask if you guys drop ship or is it just whole sale.

Carlos Ochoa

Hey Denise,

Thanks for reaching out and your interest in Rustico! We’ll have someone reach out to you shortly. You can always contact our wholesale rep. at wholesale@rustico.com.
We look forward to talking to you!


Hello my name is Denise and I am the buyer for a store called Dealspin HQ Inc. We are interested in carrying your products in our store. I would love to receive an email of a list of your available products for wholesale. Please email me at sales@deal-spin.com.

Thank you,

Denise Cottrell

What is the minimum dollar amount for wholesale orders?

What is the discounted price per item for wholesalers?

Is there packaged bundles when ordering wholesale?

Rachelle keller

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