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Father's Day Gift Guide

When you make something by hand, it becomes a one-of-a-kind, unique work of art. As Father's Day draws near, be sure to stock up on some handmade leather goods that will last a lifetime. See our staff's top gifting items perfect for Dads.


Diplomat Attache Case

leather attache briefcase case diplomat

Our new leather Diplomat Attache Case is the ultimate office carry for every minimalist. Great for transporting laptop, work documents, office papers, accessories and more in a stylish, modern briefcase design. Top performing colors: Saddle, Dark Brown, and Charcoal. Minimum of 1.

Rustico Men’s Belt

leather belt mens father day


Complete Dad's wardrobe with this timeless leather belt handcrafted for life. The Rustico Men’s belt is dapper, attractive, and fashionable. Works well for any occasion. Great for dressing up or casual dress around town. Choose from four classic leather colors. Most popular sizes are 34, 36, and 38. 

Wasatch Refillable Notebook

leather refillable notebook

Charming and rugged, the Wasatch Leather Notebook is the quintessential refillable notebook. Its convenient size makes it a winner among all users and fits great in cargo pockets or in a small pack. It’s easy and fun to write in and fantastic for any use. Keep a favorite pen close by securing it in the buckle. Great for taking into business meetings and small enough to carry around anywhere Dads go.   

Knox Bifold Wallet

leather bifold wallet knox

Our new leather Knox Bifold Wallet is a traditional design built slim to consume minimal pocket space in either the front or back. It’s the ageless wallet that will get passed down generations to come.

Golf Log

leather golf log

A great gift for competitive golf lovers. This golf log helps keep track of his best games in a handsewn, high-quality leather bound scorecard. All his friends will be jealous. See it with a pocket and pencil included. Top performing colors: Buckskin, Saddle, Dark Brown.

High line Medium Leather Pouch

leather pouch medium high line

This medium high line leather pouch is the perfect travel companion for anyone getting around. Great for storing headphones, toiletries, pens, pencils, small accessories, and whatever is placed inside. Minimum of 2. Shown here in Dark Brown.  

Hunting Log

leather hunting log

One of our top gifters for Dads and men in general. It's a great addition to any hunter’s gear. Our leather Hunting Log helps keep track of the perfect hunt. Record all activity, game, equipment, weather and more in this leatherbound hunting keepsake. Top performing colors: Buckskin, Saddle, Dark Brown.


Good Book Journal

leather journal handsewn

There are several benefits to carrying a journal. To name a few: reflection, improve handwriting, set goals, track progress, and exploring one’s life. The Good Book journal is a top fan favorite for its rough cut pages and convenient size. Available in flap-tie or buckle closure. Minimum of 2.


Beer Tasters Log

leather beer tasting log

If dad enjoys a cold one, our Beer Tasting Log will resonate well with him. It’s built refillable for endless entries! We’ll cheers to that. This newest log book brings together the joy of craft beer and journaling into one admired activity.


Grant Travel Passport Wallet

leather passport wallet

Our new Grant Passport Wallet is Dad's ticket to the world. Designed to unite a wallet and passport holder into one single travel carry. Store a passport, credit cards, currency, ticket stubs, and more in this international travel must-have. Minimum of 2. 

Fishing Log

leather fishing log

Time spent on the lake is time well spent. Our fishing logbook is a thoughtful gift for any fisherman. Built rough and rugged, it will only get better looking with time and use. See both the Fishing and Fly Fishing log book.


Book of Flies

leather fly fishing fly book

Get him the right tools for his sport! Our Book of flies never fails to reel in attention and impress with its unique function and design. It’s fantastic and inexpensive but a high-quality, thoughtful gift for any Dad who enjoys to fly fish. See it bundled in a Gift Set.  

Monument Laptop Case

leather laptop case monument

Our new Monument laptop case is where function meets style. It’s handmade from top-grain leather giving it a durable and rugged exterior to protect all tech gear inside. It’s large enough to carry a laptop, papers, phone, keys, and pens but minimal for a slim proper appearance. Minimum of 1. 

Large Pad Portfolio

leather folio padfolio large

Notepads are just better surrounded by handsome leather. The Large pad porftolio was built for presentation and performance. Great for any profession whether it’s realty, business, medical, education, and more. Built in pocket for carrying around business cards, pen loop, side pocket for loose papers and documents, and designed refillable for a standard legal size notepad. Minimum of 2. 


Journeyman Waxed Canvas Apron

leather apron waxed canvas

Built to match any craft. This tough waxed canvas leather apron was designed to withstand the demands of any creative project. Great for woodworking, welding, carpentry, pottery and firing up the barbeque. Minimum of 1. 


Refillable Golf Log

leather refillable golf log

We think the refillable golf log is a fascinating gift but see what this customer had to say about it, “I bought this for my dad as an early Father’s Day present and he absolutely loves it! He says it was a very unique gift and asked where I found it. He sends me pictures after each of his golf games. I would recommend this to any golf player who wants something a little different from the usual scorecard and who enjoys keeping their scorecards ~ Rebecca W.”


Super Loop Keychain

leather keychains

The keychain that will go everywhere he goes. The Super Loop leather keychain clips onto anything you want it to and interchange keys with just a snap. Everyday carry cargo is popular among men and you can't go wrong with any color. Minimum of 3. 


A well thought out gift goes a long way. We hope this guide provided you with a good idea of top picks Dads will love. Looking for a specific item you didn't see on the list, browse our full catalog.

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