2018 Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation Gift Guide

Much like each graduate, our handcrafted items are one-of-a-kind, no two are alike. Among the sea of scholars at ceremonies held across our nation, help family and friends find unique gifts for their unique graduates.

See our curated list of top recommended items for your shops.

1. Sidekick Cord Wrap

leather cord wrap organizer sidekick

As you know, earbuds and charging cords can be a pain to keep organized. Our solution, the Sidekick Cord Wrap rolls up easily in your pack making it so you never have to go digging again for your cords.  

2. Monument Laptop Case

Today's technology has made it easier to work and get projects done from anywhere we go. Whether it's from car to classroom to airport, our new Monument Laptop Case is ideal for any tech-savvy graduate.

3. Grant Travel Wallet

leather passport wallet

After all that homework and late night study group sessions, a graduate will want to see the world. The Grant Travel Wallet provides all the essential real estate needed for the international jetsetter. Safely secure your passport in the main compartment along with cards, boarding passes, and money in the other pockets.  

4. Large Pad Portfolio 

Equip them for the professional world with our Large Pad Portfolio. It's functional, handsome, and refillable. Its practical design places this portfolio a cut above the rest.

5. Composition Cover with Buckle

leather composition cover notebook refillable

Stay coordinated and on top of to-do lists with our Composition Notebook with buckle. The buckle acts as a great pen loop and closure. Refill it anytime you run out. Don't miss out on an extra incentive for your loyal customers by adding Rustico refills to your order. 

6. Scout Satchel

The last crossbody bag she'll ever need. Our Scout Satchel is a great size for carrying around day-to-day essentials. It's simple, elegant and develops more character over time. Holds up incredible for any meetup function or trip outdoors.

7. Expedition Notebook

leather notebook refillable expedition

Strong. Simple. Functional. It's the notebook every minimalist needs! It's priced right and makes a great gift. You can't go wrong with the Expedition Notebook. See it half the size in our Expedition Point Five

8. Luggage Tag

Perhaps one of the most overlooked travel accessories yet arguably one of the most important. Our Leather Luggage Tag keeps your personal information intact and your cargo easy to spot. Built tough to last you a lifetime of trips! 

9. Field Notes

leather field notes refillable

Made for the field, any field. Whether they're a marine biologist, engineer, or history major - the Field Notebook is ideal for jotting down notes in a hurry at your convenience. 

10. Good Book Journal

leather journal handsewn

Let their creativity take flight! The Good Book is the perfect pocket journal to chronicle your artwork, personal reflection, or to take up a trail. Fits easy in a handbag and backpack. 


No one knows your demographic better than you. If you didn't see an item that speaks to your audience, browse our full collection. Congratulations to all graduates this year, the future is yours. Leave your mark.  

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