Guide to our Men's Wallets

We don’t live in a one-size-fits-all world and neither should our wallets. Your wallet should have space to carry items necessary to get you through the day-to-day; but, the truth is, this looks different for everyone. Fortunately, we have a wallet for every need and each is handcrafted with premium top-grain leather for enduring value. Read below to find the wallet best suited for you.

Super Minimal

Minimalism is a fairly recent movement that is gaining more and more popularity in all avenues of life, including your everyday carry. If you think less really is more, consider the Single Track. With a horizontal orientation, the Single Track has two slots to hold 2-3 cards each. In vertical orientation, the Drifter has one main slot to hold 3-4 cards. With minimalism taken a step further, the Single Track and Drifter offer nothing excessive.


If you’d rather carry along a few essential cards and some bills instead of a wallet resembling an overstuffed suitcase, our line of minimal wallets may be a great fit. Each is also front-pocket-friendly, so give that stretched-out back pocket a break.

If there is one card you use more than others and need to quickly retrieve, the Commuter is the wallet for you. Designed with a quick-access pocket to house 1-2 most frequently used cards, the Commuter makes it easy to quickly scan your bus pass or swipe your debit card without having to sort through other cards.

Looking for a trim, lightweight wallet without sacrificing premium quality? Consider the Wave. It is perfect for carrying about six cards and a few bills, all while maintaining a slim design.

If you’d like the option to carry more bills, our Money Clip has you covered. One of our top-sellers and a favorite among many, the Money Clip has pockets to carry cards but also comes with a unique interior wire clip to secure cash. This wallet will gain attention from those around you and you’ll love how functional it is.



There is something timeless about a traditional bifold wallet. The classic design is both sleek and classy and there is room to carry along more cards and bills. The Knox Bifold embodies the classic feel with a full bill compartment for cash and receipts as well as four card slots built to hold 6-8 cards.

Special Use

Need to pack along a little more than just cards and cash? We have options for that, too. The Grant Travel Wallet will be your best companion when traveling abroad. Made to hold a passport, cards, cash, and other documents, this wallet keeps all your travel essentials handy.

If your everyday carry requires a checkbook, cards, and other various documents, the Cargo Wallet could be your go-to. Otherwise known as a “coat wallet,” this style of wallet is typically carried in the breast pocket of your coat or jacket.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Orbiter Wallet. Combining a wallet, notebook, and pen, the Orbiter allows for quick note-taking in the included XS Volant Moleskine Journal. A Fisher Space Pen slides into the built-in pen slot which makes for easy access in a compact size.


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