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How to Keep a Love Diary

I’ve noticed something. I was sifting through the cards my partner and I have sent each other over the years. I treasure and save each one, but you know what I have countless of that I don’t save? Text messages. Isn’t that interesting? I know it’s the same for you, too. I’ve never saved a single loving text, and they probably number in the hundreds, but I save every single card.

Everyone needs technology, but it has its place, and in many avenues, it just doesn’t hold a candle to going analog. So what did we do this year? We created a custom love diary. We’ve talked about love diaries on the blog before. It’s a diary that will last forever; great leather (mine already has some unique marks after just a few months of use), soft paper that’s durable enough to paste in tickets or flowers, and a hand-sewn spine that just makes it feel special. The diary was made with love and every time my partner and I write to each other it changes and adapts. That feeling has been irreplaceable, the diary feels like a metaphor for the relationship. It changes and adapts subtly over time. I can’t wait to see what it looks like after it’s filled.

love diary

Here are some tips on how to get your love diary started:

Start by writing about the first time you met. You’ve probably talked about it, you’ve definitely told the story to friends and family, but there’s something unique about writing it down. It will be something you can go to again and again.

Write down something that you love about your partner. Doesn’t it feel good to have someone point out something special about you? Everyone appreciates a sincere compliment.

Create a shared bucket list. Write down your hopes, dreams, and goals for the future. It sparks good conversations and it’s something special, just between the two of you.

Share something you’re grateful for. Count your blessings! This record can be a source of strength during hard days. Keeping a list of things that you're grateful for allows you to appreciate what you have.

Write down the things that are hard to talk about. This space will be a record of your love, but it can also be a record of the ways in which you’ve grown. A journal is a place to be vulnerable. Sharing a journal with someone allows them to better understand your perspective and vice versa.

love diary journal

Document your travels together. This one is my favorite. Take the journal on every trip and write a daily record together. Memories will fade and you might forget the details of a particular day that you treasured so much together. My partner and I paint (or highlight) the edges of the part of the journal that records a trip we took together so we can always go back to it.


When I write to my partner in the love diary, I pause. I can send off a text anywhere, anytime. The diary requires to me to sit down somewhere I can focus. I pick the right pen, I decide what I want to say, and I spend time writing. Love dairies are great for the simple things, like saying I love you, but they’re also great for working out the hard things, too. It’s a space where you can be intentional about what you say. So often a text, DM, or an email is misconstrued. That just doesn’t happen in a love diary.

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