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Keep a Journal for Future Generations

The idea of leaving a legacy stems from our desire to be remembered for what we’ve contributed to the world. The legacy left by most people will be remembered by the lives they touched and individuals they influenced. As you make lasting connections you’ll discover what is important to you.

The Importance of leaving a legacy

Our identity comes from our actions. Good habits can be hard to fully develop, but imagine if your habits could affect a generation to come. Think about the things you have that once belonged to your relatives. A love letter between your grandparents. A locket your aunt wore. These small things matter. They give us an identity. They steep us in history and give us a sense of belonging. It’s important to leave a legacy in a lasting and authentic way. What are you doing to affect future generations?

From the Pages of Your Journal 

The story your ancestors wrote down will live on. Maybe your grandpa kept notes on each fishing trip or summer hiking excursion he took. Your mother might have made a list when she was younger of the goals she had and values that were important to her. These small aspects of their lives they recorded with the hope that future generations would be inspired.

Make your journal unique. If writing isn’t your passion, glue in a ticket stub, press a flower or have a friend leave a heartfelt note. Future generations will love being able to see your journaling style and what you left behind. The journals you create are directly tied to the legacy you’ll leave.

“Please think about your legacy, because you’re writing it every day.” - Gary Vaynerchuk

Regular journaling is an important way to leave your mark within the pages of your favorite journal or notebook. While many of our journals are great for leaving a written record, our Traveler Leather Journal is especially effective at this. You can journal and sketch within its pages and keep the impressions you have and adventures you take.

Don’t over complicate it. Begin by identifying what’s important to you, the “why” of your journal, and simply put those thoughts on paper. Make a plan to write regularly and start today!

What legacy are you leaving?

A life driven by self-reflection and purpose will result in a legacy to be proud of. Every day you’ll do things that determine the legacy you’re leaving. Help us inspire others to live intentionally and leave your mark.



Our journals and notebooks are excellent for recording your experiences and revisiting memories. Find the right one to help you leave a legacy! 

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