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Same Rustico Quality, All New Packaging!

We're excited to roll out our new packaging for 2018! Say goodbye to shrink wrap and let that leather breathe. It's been over a year in the making but worth the wait. We now offer packaging that accurately represents what we're all about here at Rustico - quality items built to withstand the test of time.

Starting this year, all orders will come in a premium canvas bag in our custom timeless design that is sure to leave an impression. Just like Rustico goods, these bags are built tough and will be long-lasting. 

All new Rustico packaging


Leather wasn't meant to hide behind plastic. We wanted packaging that fits our brand and protects the craftsmanship inside. These bags offer a nice, quality finished touch for your customers. Plus, it’s fun to open the bag like a prize is waiting for you.


These premium canvas bags are made to last. They offer an excellent touch and feel, have a reinforced bottom, firmly sewn sides and close firmly with a double draw, cotton strings closure. 


We didn’t want our new packaging to become another throwaway. This heavy-duty canvas bag can be re-used for a variety of purposes and will last for several years to come. Store and transport your lunch, collectibles, knick-knacks or even your laundry around in it.


Adding the canvas bags helps us abide to our purpose to leaving your mark by reducing waste.


Each item will come with a custom UPC tag referring to the contents of each bag specifying color and SKU.

All new packaging Rustico

All new packaging Rustico

Thanks for choosing handmade and continue to leave your mark. 

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