The Aging Process of Natural Leather

The Aging Process of Natural Leather

We use hides sourced from American tanneries to make leather goods with a purpose. We remain true to our handmade passion and embrace all wanting to step outside while inviting a rustic and modern element in their homes, offices, and studios.

If you’re like us and you love using natural leather products, then you fall in love with the weathered and worn look that develops after years of use. We use raw, natural leather that will age and patina over time.

What is Patina?

Think of an antique item that develops grime, wear and tear. As it rubs against objects or where there’s a lot of human touch, it shows a rugged and used look. The word patina is an Italian word and means, “a surface of something grown beautiful especially with age or use.” Patina is often used to refer to using leather over a long period but also is used to describe the same process for items like copper, wood, and other organic items.

Leather is a natural product that ages just like wood. It absorbs what it interacts with it. The oils from your hands, water, dirt, heat and sunlight, and more leave their mark. Parts of the leather will grow to have more of a sheen, while other places will organically darken.

Distressed is best!

Here’s how you can speed up the patina of a piece of natural leather - use it! Carry your bag with you, draw in your sketchbook, slip that wallet in your pocket each morning before leaving, and enjoy using the leather goods we handcraft.

Better Looking Over Time

The patina on a piece of leather shows the aging process that naturally occurs. It's the result and not the cause of this process. A handsome patina does not affect the life or functionality of a leather item, but it does increase the appearance and feel of it. It’s fun to look back and remember where a leather product has been and how long you’ve had it.

The premium, top-grain qualities of the leather that we source are just ready to be handled, scratched, and scuffed and enjoyed over the years. But that’s for you to do. No better way to leave your mark.  
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