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What You Need To Know About Setup Fees & Run Charges

If you've ever wondered if we deboss or laser engrave logos onto our products, the answer is yes. It's a common question around here but there are so many scenarios when it comes to this additional step we wanted to expound on it more to help clarify its technicalities. Take a look below to get a crash course on our Artwork Setup Fees and Run Charges here at Rustico. 

What is the Artwork Setup Fee for? 

For a $50.00 setup fee, we will custom make you a deboss die or laser engrave your logo onto our products making them much more unique. 

What we need from you is your desired artwork in vector format, preferably an Adobe Illustrator file .ai or .eps, emailed into Once received, our Graphic Specialists will mock up a digital proof and email it back to you for your approval.  

If I order several products and they vary in size i.e. Leather Apron vs Journal, will I incur multiple setup fees? 

Great question, if the size of the logo you want stays the same dimensions, you will not incur an additional fee. However, if you request a different size logo on various products, you will incur a fee. For example, if you want your 2" x 2" logo on a journal but you also ordered some Journeyman Waxed Canvas Aprons and want a 4" x 4" logo on there, you will be charged an additional setup fee for the size change.

I'm a returning customer and want the same logo on a new order, will I have to pay for setup fee?

Firstly, welcome back friends! If you are a returning customer and you've placed an order with a logo within a calendar year and would like to use that exact same logo, you will not incur a Setup Fee. Run charges will still apply. Simply make this note in the notes section at checkout. 

What are Run Charges?

Run charges are the physical press or laser engraving of each product we apply your logo to. So if your order is a quantity of 100, our team of artisans will touch all 100 of your items. By adding this special touch to your order, we request a $.50 run charge on every stamp or laser engrave. one-of-a-kind. 

Stay top of mind with your customers by adding your logo to your entire cart. We hope this summary helped answer some questions you may have regarding setup fees and run charges. If you are still unclear about either of these processes let's jump on a call to answer any uncertainties you have at 866-426-4957. 

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