Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

Rustico Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy

Introduction: This Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy is established by Rustico, hereinafter referred to as "the Company" or "Rustico," to promote fair competition and maintain the value and reputation of its products in the market. This policy applies to all authorized retailers, distributors, and resellers (collectively referred to as "Resellers") of Rustico products.

  1. Minimum Advertised Price (MAP): The MAP for all Rustico products is determined solely by the Company and may be communicated to Resellers in writing or through official channels. The Company reserves the right to update or change MAP prices at its discretion by providing advance notice to Resellers.

  2. Covered Products: This MAP Policy applies to all Rustico products and any other products explicitly designated as subject to this policy in writing by the Company.

  3. Advertising Guidelines: a. Resellers are prohibited from advertising or promoting any Rustico product at a price below the specified MAP. Advertising includes but is not limited to online listings, print media, television, radio, and any public display of pricing. b. The actual selling price to customers may be at any level the Reseller chooses, but it must not be displayed in any manner that suggests a price lower than the MAP.

  4. Bundling and Promotional Offers: a. Bundling Rustico products with other products is permitted, but Resellers must adhere to the MAP for each individual product, even if the bundled price is not explicitly disclosed. b. Promotional offers, discounts, or incentives applied during the checkout process or at the point of sale are exempt from this policy as long as they do not violate the MAP for the advertised price.

  5. Coupon Codes and Private Offers: a. Coupon codes and private offers may be used by Resellers to offer discounts to their customers, as long as the final price displayed to the public is compliant with the MAP. b. Using coupon codes or private offers to circumvent the MAP is strictly prohibited.

  6. Non-Compliance: a. The Company reserves the right to monitor advertised prices through various means, including but not limited to manual checks, third-party monitoring services, and online platforms. b. In the event of a MAP violation, the Company will notify the Reseller and provide a warning period for correction. Failure to comply within the given timeframe may result in actions such as temporary suspension of product supply, termination of authorized status, or any other appropriate remedies.

  7. Modifications to Policy: The Company may modify or terminate this MAP Policy at any time without prior notice. It is the responsibility of Resellers to stay updated on any changes made to the policy.

By selling Rustico products, Resellers agree to abide by this MAP Policy. This policy is not intended to be a contract, nor does it create any legal rights for Resellers. The Company retains the right to determine its own business relationships and to make individual decisions regarding the sale of its products.

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